Our Services

Mansur Financial is committed to providing value, service, accessibility, and sound financial planning and investment strategies that reflect our clients’ best interests, needs, expectations, and goals.

Every person and family is unique, and the relationship developed with Mansur Financial is tailored to reflect your personal needs. Mansur Financial is passionate about providing comprehensive financial advisory solutions for our clients. We enjoy using our expertise and experience to make a difference in our clients' lives. In our relationship there is always someone sitting on your side of the table, advocating for the accomplishment of your financial and life goals, supporting your values and coaching you along the way. We take an active role in developing your financial plan and then proactively managing the components, which allows you to focus your time on what is valuable to you.


For the achievement of our clients’ goals, Mansur Financial can focus on, but is not limited to:

-cash flow and debt planning

-retirement income planning

-retirement planning and financial independence analysis

-developing a retirement plan that shows you the likelihood of success

-strategic asset allocation and ongoing, proactive portfolio management

-risk management and wealth protection

-education funding

-estate planning

-wealth transfer and trust planning-integrated income tax optimization strategies